2024 Spring Bloom Watch

Spring in the Strolling Pond Garden in years past. Photo by William Sutton.

Springtime in Portland Japanese Garden showcases the green we missed in winter, from the early days of April when we see moegi-iro (Japanese word for new leaf green color) to the lush hues that accompany the approach of summer. Unlike Western gardens where flowers can dominate the field of vision, Japanese gardens very intentionally choose where blooms will be located and how they will intermingle with an otherwise predominantly green tableau. You can refer back to this page that will be updated multiple times per week as we share how blooms are appearing throughout our garden spaces. We recommend becoming a member so you can enjoy unlimited admission and exclusive morning hours every day the Garden is open.

Thursday, May 9th

Today marks the final day of our spring blooms watch! Flowers are blossoming into full bloom across our grounds, creating a dazzling visual array of green with bright pops of color. Make sure you visit soon to see the Garden in its spring glory.

Natural Garden

Flat Garden

Tea Garden

Entry Garden & Cultural Village

Strolling Pond Garden

Many kinds of plants
And each one triumphant in
Its special blossoms

Basho, Sarashino Kiko (1687)