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From KOIN-TV: Learn About the Japan Institute Campus

KOIN-TV, Portland’s CBS affiliate, recently wrote about Portland Japanese Garden’s plans for its Japan Institute campus near Forest Park. Journalist Jashayla Pettigrew notes Japan Institute “expands on the Garden’s pre-existing programming.”

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Forest Bathing to Better our Health

Of the more formalized approaches to leveraging the special qualities of nature, forest bathing, or as it was first coined in Japanese, shinrin yoku, has started to grow momentum in the American cultural zeitgeist.

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Spirits Were High: ‘In Praise of Time’ Gathers Whisky and Culinary Experts for Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience in Portland Japanese Garden

Portland Japanese Garden has always simultaneously been, outside of Japan, a place of unparalleled Japanese landscape art and North America’s foremost Japanese cultural organization. Just as the Umami Café offers guests the rare opportunity to enjoy world-class green tea direct from the acclaimed 160-year-old Jugetsudo tea company or how our exhibitions showcase some of the finest traditional and contemporary Japanese artists, the organization is always seeking to broaden understanding of the many fascinating qualities of Japan. In July, the organization turned its attention to one such item: whisky.