About Portland Japanese Garden

Photo by Roman Johnston

When His Excellency Nobuo Matsunaga, the former Ambassador of Japan to the United States, visited Portland Japanese Garden, he proclaimed it to be “the most beautiful and authentic Japanese garden in the world outside of Japan.”

The Garden sits nestled in the hills of Portland, Oregon’s iconic Washington Park, overlooking the city and providing a tranquil, urban oasis for locals and travelers alike. Designed in 1963, it encompasses 12 acres with eight separate garden styles, and includes an authentic Japanese Tea House, meandering streams, intimate walkways, and a spectacular view of Mt. Hood. This is a place to discard worldly thoughts and concerns and see oneself as a small but integral part of the universe.

Born out of a hope that the experience of peace can contribute to a long lasting peace. Born out of a belief in the power of cultural exchange. Born out of a belief in the excellence of craft, evidence in the Garden itself and the activities that come from it. Born out of a realization that all of these things are made more real and possible if we honor our connection to nature.

Our Mission: Inspiring Harmony & Peace

Our Core Values

  • Inspiration, serenity, tranquility, and the aestheticism of nature.
  • Excellence in the management and maintenance of the Garden.
  • The expression of Japanese culture, tradition, and aesthetics.
  • Cultural authenticity directed to the needs of diverse local, national, and international communities.
  • Environmental awareness and conservation, and the pursuit of environmental sustainability in the operation of the Garden and its activities.
  • Mutual respect and harmony with all connected communities.

Portland Japanese Garden is an independent 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization and relies on contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations to cover approximately one-third of the cost of its operation. 

We Welcome All

Portland Japanese Garden is a place of inclusivity, anti-racism, and cultural understanding. As an organization created specifically to cultivate inner peace as well as peace between peoples and cultures, we have a responsibility to be a place where every single person in our community is welcome and where anyone can come to center themselves, reflect, and restore their spirit.